This woman is well aware that karma can sometimes be handed out immediately.
Approaching wild animals isn’t usually a smart idea, and suddenly starting to touch them is even worse, especially if you do it violently.

Although wild horses may appear to be absolutely stunning, if they have never been trained around people, it is impossible to predict how they would behave in unusual situations.

One woman made the decision to completely disregard the rules.
She reasoned that using a shovel to firmly whack one of the stunning horses would be a good idea.

The entire incident was captured on film by a bystander, and it is, to put it mildly, shocking. It has been viewed and shared thousands of times since it was posted on the Facebook page People of the Ocean City Boardwalk.

We observe the woman approaching one of the wild horses with a plastic shovel as she is clothed in beach attire.

She’smacked’ one of the horses because she felt it would be hilarious to do so.
In point of fact, though, she very immediately came to regret having committed that action.

Even though one of the onlookers tried to warn the woman, she didn’t appear to be interested in hearing what he had to say:

Someone warned: “They’re going to kick you.”

The horse did not fail to deliver as expected.

It’s likely that he was under the impression that he was being attacked, so he took immediate action and kicked the woman away with both of his rear feet.

He completely knocked any sense she may have had out of her.
The lady was startled by the horses’ response, and the kick’s impact caused her to fall into the sand. Despite the fact that she seemed confused, it doesn’t seem like she was really hurt.

The horse was still obviously agitated over everything, and two other horses came to stand guard over her as a result.

The restrictions are very specific: you are not allowed to touch them.
It is also against the rules for you to entice or feed the animals. Even a cautionary sign is present, which reads:

“Horses bite, kick, & charge. Keep at least 40 feet away.”

As a result of the video being shared on various social media platforms, it has attracted the attention of both the National Park Service as well as the Law Enforcement Rangers who work at the Assateague Island National Seashore.

The NPS said to the Miami Herald, “These horses have learned where to find food and how to get it. They can bite or stomp a food package open, they can kick open an unsecured cooler, they can eat right out of open beach bags. The horses will stage an all-out assault on the beach in the pursuit of food. This is so dangerous for visitors.”

“Visitors are kicked, bitten and knocked down every year as a direct result of getting too close to the wild horses. Treating wild horses like tame animals takes away the wildness that makes them special. Protect your family by respecting theirs. Give the horses the space they need to be wild.”

It is never acceptable to strike a wild animal merely for the sake of your own amusement.

These magnificent creatures ought to be respected and let to live in peace in their natural habitat. It is unknown whether the woman was punished monetarily for her conduct, but there is little doubt that the horse left an impression on her.

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