He was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, and his dog Magnus was by his side 24 hours a day.

Dogs are the cutest and most adorable of all human companions. They are the most devoted and never leave their loved ones’ side. A video of a dog staying close to a man suffering from heart disease is going viral on the internet. Brian Benson has cardiomyopathy, a condition that hinders the heart’s ability to pump blood to the rest of the body. During therapy, however, his service dog never left his side, as reported by NDTV.

The online video depicting Benson’s remarkable friendship with his dog Magnus is going viral. It depicts a six-year-old labrador standing next to a hospital bed. The dog is observed following the man everywhere and even laying next to him to provide comfort. Benson stated on Instagram that he was permitted to travel with his service dog. He penned, “Having him there helped not only me, but he calmed my daughters as well. Magnus being with me 24/7 meant more to me than he will ever know. I am beyond grateful for my boy.”

Benson stated he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy after experiencing chest pain and breathing difficulties. He has been exercising for 35 years, but he believes his problem is the result of an early family history of cardiac disease and heart attacks. “Even though I have been working out for over 35 years, eat health[y], ran the NYC marathon, completed multiple Spartan races, and trained in Krav Maga and boxing, I’m one of the rare cases where a person ‘just’ develops cardiomyopathy.” Benson further added, “The painful reality is that sometimes you just can’t beat your genetics no matter how hard you work. It’s almost like trying to swim upstream, maximum effort with minimal or limited results.”

In a lengthy post, he thanked his friends, family, and his dog. He penned, “Then there is Magnus. Thankfully he was allowed to stay with me 24/7 because he is also my service dog. He did exactly what he does best, kept me relaxed and took my mind off the current situation. He knows when to cuddle and when to get a little ‘goofy.’ He made the medical staff smile and also kept my girls calm. I love this dog more than he will ever know.”

The video has received nine million views, and their endearing affection has won the hearts of everyone. @epanafora 2023 user commented, “Every high-stress environment could benefit from having a Magnus there. He is the goodest boy. If I was a nurse working on that floor I would probably have gotten into trouble for coming into pet Magnus all day long.” @laura_sturchio_love commented, “When I had my heart attack my husband snuck my little dog in. Best medicine ever. I told the Dr. I needed to go home to recover I left the next day to be with my dogs.”

“When my dad was in hospice stuck in bed. I brought my pit and a lab like Magnus. They made everyone so excited. They both jumped in my dad,” shared what another user wrote, @eurasian2000

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