Do you recall the story of the dog that was left on the streets and the whole thing was caught on camera? About it, we published an article. The dog begged the owner not to leave and ran after his car as the owner dropped him off on the side of the road and drove off.

Despite this extremely sad experience, the dog, Snoop, is now joyful once more. Laurence Squire, a kind person, adopted him after the RSPCA saved him.

He was touched and heartbroken like everyone else when he read about what happened to Snoop in the news.

Lawrence was the one who was able to bring Snoop home after receiving dozens of requests to adopt him. There was even a rumour that Snoop Dogg wanted to adopt the helpless dog.

It’s obvious that Snoop is a very devoted dog. He now feels at home and content with his new family. He is receiving a ton of love and attention because his new father works from home. Snoop has reverted to being his vivacious, fun-loving self.

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