The most adorable officer ever

When we encounter a stray dog, our natural inclination as animal lovers is to assist it in any way possible. We might take them to a shelter to have their microchips scanned.

If they are injured, we transport them to the nearest medical facility so they can receive the necessary care.

We strive to assist as best we can.
Similar to these two Los Angeles Police Department officers. They behaved as any other decent person would have in the same situation.

During their patrol, they came across a stray dog walking alone down the street. The dog was so cute and small that it was difficult to abandon it on the street.

He was defenseless.
They pondered how they could help the poor dog until a brilliant idea struck: they decided to do what was best for him by incorporating him into their K-9 unit.

Officers Mercado and Tavera of the Los Angeles Police Department observed the puppy on Hobart Boulevard wandering the streets alone. They picked him up and placed him in their police car to prevent him from being struck by passing vehicles.

They are the heroes of the puppy.
The police officers decided to name the dog after the street where they discovered him, so they gave the adorable dog the name “Hobart” and brought him back to the station. Hobart and his rescuers formed an instant bond, and he followed them everywhere they went.

In a video posted by the LAPD Hollywood Station to their social media accounts, the small dog is seen following Officer Mercado wherever he goes.

Hobart enjoyed their presence.
It appears that the two officers shared this sentiment, as they could not stop discussing their newest friend.

“Newest member of our K-9 unit. Officers Mercado & Tavera found a puppy while on patrol near Hobart Blvd, they took him back to the station and have officially renamed him “Hobart.” Welcome to LAPD, Hobart!” the department posted on their account.

The newest K9 received a warm reception.
Not only did the officers perform a good deed by assisting the helpless Hobart, but they also discovered a new companion who will assist them in protecting the city and fill their days with love and sunshine!

The department’s post received numerous positive comments. One commenter kindly requested, ” Please take this moment to share what someone should do if they find a lost dog, not just to keep a dog because it’s cute. This is a great teaching moment—to lead by example.”

Hobart is unquestionably the most unexpected and well-received member of the Los Angeles Police Department. Thanks to these extraordinary police officers, Hobart has been removed from the streets and is now in a place where he is loved and cared for.

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