Long stays in shelters for dogs are always sad. Every dog deserves a loving home, and they shouldn’t have to wait months or even years to find one.

One poor dog, whose owner had wanted him killed, ended up in the shelter and had to wait 500 days for a new home. It was a particularly heartbreaking case.

But thankfully, his tragic tale has now had a successful conclusion.

The oldest dog at the RSPCA Brent Knoll Animal Centre in Somerset, England, was Buddy, a 10-year-old terrier. He was transported there by veterinarians in the year 2020 after his former owners attempted to have him put to death.

According to the RSPCA, Buddy and the owner had a “less than ideal relationship”. There was a clear breakdown in communication between them and this resulted in misunderstandings,” they wrote.

Thankfully, the veterinarians declined their request in order to save the dog’s life and give him the chance to find a new family.

Despite his troubled past, Buddy has been described as a “cute lad” and a “affectionate chap” by his caregivers at the RSPCA. And even though his previous owner gave him up because of some difficult behaviour, with lots of love and training, he has greatly improved.

Buddy acted lovingly, but he had trouble settling down. Their search was made more difficult by Buddy’s special needs, which included a stress-free environment and “conscientious owners who have time and patience to help him live the happiest life possible”

His 500th day in the shelter was last month, a regrettable milestone that only served to highlight the fact that he had spent more time there than any other dog. The search for the ideal home continued for a very long time.

The RSPCA shared Buddy’s story because they were desperate to find him the home he deserves, and the dog quickly gained worldwide fame.

Weeks later, an encouraging new chapter in his story has been added.

The RSPCA reported on February 14 that a “lovely couple” had expressed interest in adopting Buddy after watching his plight on the news. Things were “looking just grand” when they first met Buddy because they clicked with him:

The happy ending to Buddy’s story has now been reached: the couple permanently adopted Buddy!

The RSPCA branch shared pictures of Buddy settling in to his new home and expressed that they were “very happy.”

Buddy is clearly adjusting well and genuinely adores his new family, as is evident already. He’s one loving, fun-loving little dog despite everything he’s been through.

Buddy is adjusting very well; he hasn’t stopped playing ball or running around the field all day, but he is currently dozing off on my lap. RSPCA reported.

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