A loyal and tireless dog had been waiting 10 years for her owner at the same spot.

This story happened in Korea and the dog was known as Bokshil. Everyday, people could see the old dog waiting at a guardhouse for her owner to pick her up.

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Some residents stayed in the area said that Bokshil had been waiting for 10 years. Due to her age, Bokshil had blurred vision, it was hard for her to recognize her owner, but she still waited there, everyday. As night fell, Bokshil quickly headed to a dog house that the residents made for her.

Out of pity, residents started to feed Bokshil. A kind neighbor even broke food into pieces because the dog didn’t have many teeth.

In an interview with a lady who regularly fed Bokshil, she heard that the dog used to live with her owner in apartment 102, a building oposite the guardhouse.

She said Bokshil was abandoned when her owner moved out of the apartment because the owner could not afford to raise her. Since then Bokshil had been waiting for 10 years for the owner to come back.

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Some people would love to raise and bring her home but Bokshil managed to head back to her spot again.

Residents also prepared flyers to find someone who would know Bokshil’s owner. Unfortunately, no one knew where her owner was.

One day, Bokshil was inside her house instead of her waiting spot. Noticing she could have been ill, the residents transfered the dog to a hospital to check her health condition.

Video: Facebook.
Bokshil was later found to have a senile cataract, which prevented her from recognizing people in the distance.

The locals were hopeful that Bokshil would one day be reunited with her owner.

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