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Schoolgirl ‘Gutted’ After Being Told To Change Hairstyle

A dad has hit out after his daughter’s school told her she would have to remove her white braided hair extensions – saying she had chosen the style to honour her Jamaican heritage.

Lily Rann, 12, was told she would have to stay in isolation if she didn’t change her hairstyle after returning from a family holiday in Cyprus.

The year eight pupil was told by teacher that the extensions would have to go as they breach the school’s policy of no unnatural hair colours.

Dad Chris said Lily is proud of her roots, with her great-grandfather thought to be the first black miner in her home town of Midsomer Norton in Somerset – but has agreed to remove the synthetic hair so she can go back to her lessons.

However, the dad is unhappy with the school’s stance on the issue.

He said: “It’s absolutely mad – there are people dying in this pandemic. There are more important things to be doing.

“Lily has had a really tough time with mental health over lockdown so we don’t want her in isolation.

“People have messaged us saying: ‘What’s her hair got to do with her learning?’ It’s discrimination. I think they are discriminating against her.

“I really like the hairstyle. They said it was unacceptable. I think it’s more than acceptable.”

Chris, 32, said he informed the school of the new style before she went back last week and says they asked to see a photo.

He didn’t send a photo but when she went in, she was told she would have to go into isolation unless she changed her hair.

Chris and his partner and Lily’s mum Lydia Grubb had a meeting with the school where they reiterated their stance.

iPhone 13 with a rare design in a stunning new concept

The jiPhone 12 may be close, but an even more radical change could be with the iPhone 13.

We’re only a few weeks away from releasing the iPhone 12, but earlier smartphone rumors are already leaking data and news about next year’s iPhone 13.

Of course, given the recurring nature of this industry, it’s hard to predict Apple’s trajectory, and why we’re so close to introducing the iPhone 12, not much is known about this upcoming model from Apple. As far as we have heard, we more or less know his performances and prices, of course if they do not change at the last moment,.

And let’s talk about iPhone 13 now of course it’s too early and that seems a bit strange, but news about iPhone 13 are already circulating.

If the release date of the iPhone 13 follows the Apple model for the previous release, we can see this device on the shelves on the fourth Friday of September 2021. It would be September 24th. But the release date of the iPhone 12 is up in the air due to the coronavirus pandemic and may not be available until October or even November.

The iPhone 13 looks like it will be full screen, and even this phone is expected to have the built-in camera below the screen.

This phone is also expected to have a touchscreen on its edges where small icons for various functions are displayed.