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    TikToker Says Men Always Want To Date Her Until They Find Out Real Age

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    TikTok users are shocked to find out a woman was twice the age she looked after she revealed men often want to date her until they find out how old she is. Take a look below:

    TikToker @princessaprilxo recently posted a video writing: “Men [like] me until I tell them my age.”

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    She added in the caption: “Nobody wants a cougar.”

    The video has racked up more than 800,000 likes and a whopping 8.2 million views, as stunned social media users watched on to find out how old she really is.

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    Credit: TikTok/@princessaprilxo

    After a few seconds of posing to the camera, she reveals her real age to viewers – which is 44-years-old.

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    Many people commented to express their shock, or to say that they simply didn’t believe her, saying she looked half that age.

    “No way,” one wrote.

    “I don’t believe it,” another added.

    A third wrote: “What is your secret. You must have one. Your face is beautiful and you look like 20 year old girls.”

    A fourth added: “44. You definitely look like 25.”

    Others, meanwhile, pointed out that a woman in her forties still isn’t exactly ‘old’, with one writing: “44 is not even old lol people need to get a grip!! You are stunning and young.”

    Credit: TikTok/@princessaprilxo

    Recently, another TikToker went viral for exactly the same reason, having posted a video to share an ’unexpected’ fact about herself.

    In the clip, Jesica Ferraro (@jes.breathe) lip-syncs along to the popular TikTok song ‘International Super Spy’, which originally comes from The Backyardigans, where a character called Pablo sang: “There’s one thing you can expect from me and that’s the unexpected… ‘Cause I’m an international super spy.”

    Ferraro wrote in the video: “When people think you’re late 20s-30s… But you’re 41.”

    Credit: TikTok/@jes/breathe

    Many other users were flummoxed by the revelation, with responses ranging from ‘WHAT’ and ‘EXCUSE ME’ to ‘Holy moly’.

    “CEASE AND DESIST, MA’AM,” one person wrote.

    “Wait.. WHAT?!” another said in disbelief.

    Others asked for Ferraro to share the secrets to her youthful looks, with one saying: “You simply cannot just show us this and then not drop the skin care routine.”

    However, Ferraro simply replied: “Vampire. Shuuusshhhh.”

    Another person asked her: “Okay but how do you feel physically because I’m 27 going on 52?

    Ferraro admitted that, while she looked young, there were some things she couldn’t change about getting older.

    “My bones make noises,” she replied.

    Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@princessaprilxo

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