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    This Father With D.o.w.n Syndrome Raises a Doctor and Proves Love Makes Everything Possible

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    There’s a huge misconception that people with Down syndrome can’t live full, productive lives.

    A common misconception about people with Down syndrome is — that they cannot have children. Women with Down can bear children just fine and, in extremely rare cases, men can become fathers too. Jad Issa, a man with Down syndrome not only welcomed a child with his wife, but he also raised him to be a doctor.

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    We would like to share the beautiful story of this family from Syria with our readers that proves there’s nothing more powerful than the power of selfless love.

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    A dad who showered his baby with all the love in the world

    When Sader was born, he was welcomed to the family and pampered, just like any other kid would be normally in a home. Sader tells us that he remembers feeling very loved as a child and his father would spend time with him wrestling, thumb wrestling, and playing other games. The local community also supported the family and accepted them as they are.

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    He worked hard so his son could achieve his dreams.

    His mom doesn’t have the genetic disorder, and that hasn’t stressed her relationship with his father one bit. Moreover, Jad has supported his family in every sense of the word. He’s spent the last 25 years working six days a week at a wheat factory to provide for them. And he’s encouraged Sader to thrive from day one!

    He’s extremely proud of his doctor son.

    He’s on track to become a dentist, which is one of the best and high paying careers in Syria, and Jad’s happiness has no bounds. His dad, who put him through school, is thrilled. He wastes no opportunity to tell people, “My son is a doctor!”

    The family is living proof that stereotypes are meant to be broken.

    Talking about the relationship his parents share, Sader told us that despite being together for decades, the love between his mom and dad is still as if they were married yesterday. They understand each other’s needs perfectly. They love to go on walks together and sometimes they just sit and chat away for hours.

    Sader gives the credit behind his success to his father and admits he is as proud of his dad as his dad is of him. The inspiring duo loves catching up on movies together in their free time.

    This is such an amazing story of love and overcoming obstacles! No matter how many people bet against him, Jad never hesitated to work hard and love unconditionally. As a result, now he’s part of this beautiful family!

    Hear more of their story in the video below, and share to show your support!

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