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    Tonsil Stone Removal Videos Have Become The New Pimple Popping

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    If you’re not a ‘fan’ of these horrendous pimple popping videos – and you’ve probably already guessed, I’m not – then you won’t like this.

    People have found a new gross obsession: tonsil stone removal – and it’s as every bit as disgusting as you could possibly care to imagine.

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    And here you are, clicking away on this article and you’ve found yourself here, among videos of something, quite frankly, I’d be happier never knowing about.

    What the heck is a tonsil stone? Well, they’re actually called tonsilloliths and they are basically soft bits of ‘bacterial and cellular debris’ that form in the crevices of the tonsils.

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    According to Healthline, it’s actually common for people with tonsil stones to not even realise they have them, and these stones can range from ‘rice-sized to the size of a large grape’. Gross.

    So why anybody would want to watch these bits being extracted from somebody else’s mouth is beyond me, but what do I know?

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    Online videos of disgusting spot squeezing and cyst removing have been made ever more popular by Dr Sandra Lee – aka Dr Pimple Popper – who regularly posts her procedures.

    Dr. Lee has said many of her viewers report an ASMR — an autonomous sensory meridian response — a feeling of pleasure ignited by specific sights, sounds, and smells.

    According to Bustle, Lee’s videos have actually helped some people deal with and cope with a condition called dermatillomania, which is a skin picking disorder and a type of OCD.

    Apparently, as well as people watching these videos, they also like to pick away at their other half’s pimples.

    Speaking with Insider, child and family psychotherapist Matt Traube explains how the act of picking your partner’s spots can show a ‘degree of closeness’:

    As disgusting as it might sound to some, that you would pick your partner’s pimples, that does show a certain closeness, a bond, an attachment between you and your partner.

    If someone is on a first or second date, I don’t think you’re going in for a pimple pop.

    However, Traube also argues there could be underlying reason why a person just can’t stay away from their partner’s bacne. For example, they could be trying to ‘fix’ their partner on a deeper level, using the skin’s surface as a suitably manageable canvas.

    He says:

    For many, the skin itself can be a metaphor for the person or the relationship, things that you somehow think that need to be cleaned up, or organized or otherwise taken care of.

    It’s kind of analogous to finding a solution. You look at it and go, ‘Ew, it doesn’t feel right, it’s on my partner, I need to fix it.’ In some regards, it’s a way to improve your husband.

    Still not satisfied? You can see all the gross videos we’ve ever featured on pimple popping and all that by clicking right here.

    Anyway, I’ll stick to getting lost in watching videos of cats and rescue dogs, thanks.

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