No One Wanted To Get Attached To Sickly Pup, She Stayed At His Side Anyway

When this poor baby was finally rescued, he was so sickly that he hardly resembled a dog, writes ilovemydogsomuch

To say he was skin and bones is a vast understatement. He was so malnourished and anemic that standing up was difficult. He was beyond exhausted and keeping his eyes open was hardly possible. Saving this dog’s life would be touch and go but his rescuers were not giving up on him.

The vet staff gave the dog blood transfusions and I.V. nutrition. His body was sorely lacking essential nutrients as well as iron. His rescuer knew that his condition was far from stable, and remained at his side just in case.

He had a hard time staying warm, with no body fat, so his caretaker dressed him in a warm coat. He was content and finally improving. It’s amazing what some affection and love can do for a dog who has always been on his own.

As time went on, his health began to improve. It’s a slow process but any steps forward are steps in the right direction! He now has the energy to walk around and explore. He makes new friends too. He loves his new foster home!

In a month, his fur started to grow in. He’s starting to look like a healthy puppy. He even plays and wags his tail. But the best part is that he is so happy! His rescuer decided to adopt him and give him all the love he’ll ever need.

The puppy adopts his own favorite toy, a stuffed bear, and carries it around happily while wagging his adorable tail. Everyone who visits him is astounded by his progress. He went from a living skeleton to a happy, healthy puppy in just four weeks!

Good medical care is essential but it’s never an easy thing to come by, especially for strays in impoverished areas. We are so grateful that this puppy was saved in time and continues to thrive with his new family.

Woman Held Back Sobs As She Reached Out To Pup Caked In Mud & Waste

DAR Animal Rescue heard about a tiny puppy that was all alone, hiding beneath a bench. People had passed her by and posted her photos to Facebook asking for help.

Oddly, however, no one actually stopped and picked her up and helped her themselves. She was so small and covered in mud. It was surprising that she was just left there like that.

One of the rescuers from DAR headed over to help the poor puppy. She couldn’t understand why the baby had just been left to suffer. When she arrived and saw the defenseless little girl crying, she was floored. This puppy was in grave condition. She wouldn’t have survived long.

The rescuer wrapped her in a blanket and put her into the car. It was time to get her to the vet. Once on the examination table, the vet pulled off ticks that had devoured her blood. There were tons of them. Her eyes were also infected. Poor baby!

The vet also tried to get her to stand up on her own but she was too weak. It was a struggle. Besides being malnourished, she was also anemic from parasitic blood loss.

Finally, the little pup is given food and water. She is thrilled! When was the last time she ate? No one knows for sure.

The baby is in poor condition but they are working around the clock to do all they can to get her well. No one can predict the future but now that she’s safe and cared for, her future looks much brighter than before.

We ask that you send this baby girl all your prayers. She deserves a fighting chance. And please don’t forget to do all you can to support rescues and shelters in your community! Together we can really make a difference!

Battered By Man High On Drugs, Street Puppy Shed Real Tears When She Felt Safe

Stray animals struggle daily. Just finding food and water is an ordeal, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Remaining safe from the elements is another daily challenge. What many don’t realize is that there are individuals that consider stray animals to be ‘pests’ and will actually harm them. It’s heartbreaking but it’s a reality in many countries that do not have laws against animal cruelty.

One puppy, who did nothing to anyone, was struck multiple times by a man high on drugs. Her injuries became life-threatening.

When the puppy, later named Leona, was found, she lay totally helpless on the sidewalk. She had infected ears, balance issues, and badly injured legs. She was in such bad shape that she couldn’t even stand up. She was splayed out, waiting for someone to rescue her.

Thankfully, someone did just that!

Leona, merely a baby, was taken to the vet. The doctor knew right away that she would need surgery in order to survive. Leona was also in a lot of pain.

The doctor gave her IV pain medication immediately. You could see Leona as she cried actual tears. But thankfully, things were about to change!

Leona’s surgery went very well. It’s going to take time for her to recover but so far, she’s healing fast. She’s also with a loving caregiver (and animal rescuer) who plans to stop at nothing until she finds the perfect home. Let’s send our prayers out to Leona! She deserves it!

Dog Hit By Car And Left In Street Learns To Walk Again

I don’t know how some people can hit an animal and just keep driving, blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood

But sadly, there are people out there who just drive off without checking to see if the animal they hit is alright or not. It is quite sad.

For one stray dog, he was hit by a passing car that didn’t stop to check if he was alive or not. Instead, the poor pooch was left on the side of the road, crying out in pain.

Both his back and neck were stiff, meaning that he was in so much pain he couldn’t move. All he could do was lay completely still, hoping that someone would take pity on him and help him out.

Eventually, he was found by the rescue organization, Animal Aid Unlimited. They happened upon the dog and knew that they couldn’t leave him to die.

Carefully, they managed to pick him up and get him into a car so he could be transported to the vet in order to get medical treatment.

Once at the vet, he was examined. And luckily, there was hope as the dog still had feeling in his back legs. That meant that he wasn’t paralyzed and would be able to recover.

Of course, his journey to recovery wasn’t going to be a quick one. It would take time and a lot of rest and medication to get him back to a state where he could make a full walking recovery.

But he eventually got there in the end! It was such a heartwarming moment to witness.

What do you think of this sweet little pooch? Let us know!

Poor Woman’s Paralyzed Dog Is Taken Away & She Collapsed To The Floor In Tears

When our dogs get older or get sick, our responsibilities do not change, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Time and time again, we see stories about dog owners “exchanging” their old dogs for puppies. And sick dogs being dumped because the owner doesn’t want to bother with veterinary care or they can’t afford it.

There is never a reason to abandon a dog. In this story, a dog named Bong, began life like most dogs do: Healthy and active. But then suddenly, out of nowhere, his back legs gave out and he could no longer use them. Instead of getting him the help he needs, his owner dumped him inside a cardboard box!

A kind older lady heard his cries. She ran to the box and saved him! The woman they refer to as “Grandma” in the town because she’s the elder, decided she would care for him even though she is quite poor. She fed him from her own food. She made him a bed out of a box and lots of blankets. She also carted him around town so he would get fresh air. She loves Bong so much!

When Bong wanted to get around on his own, Grandma made him special bandages and used a soft blanket on his legs so he wouldn’t get injured. That was all she could do for him but it was a lot more than his owners ever did!

Grandma loved Bong so much that she wouldn’t even go to sleep at night until Bong was tucked in nearby and fell asleep first!

One day, a group of volunteers came by. They had heard about Bong and Grandma and wanted to bring them some gifts. Bong got a brand new bed and some yummy dog food. They also gave him some new toys. Then they gave Grandma the best gift!

They told Grandma that they found a medical center that would help Bong at no charge to her. She nor Bong should have to suffer just because she didn’t have much money. Grandma cried!

Bong went with his new friends, and Grandma, to his new doctor. He had a doggy MRI. The results were excellent! The scans showed that he had myelitis, which in 70% of cases is curable!

The only downside was that Bong would need extensive treatment and physical therapy. He would need to stay at the hospital so he could get better. Grandma knew that this was the best thing for Bong but she would miss him so much. She cried as she hugged him goodbye.

With daily therapy, Bong begins to improve. He’s easily won over all the staff with his sweet disposition. First, Bong is able to walk…

Let’s see that again, BONG!

Every time Bong progressed, they called Grandma. Then Grandma came for a visit. Seeing Bong doing so well made Grandma so happy. She couldn’t wait to hug him and tell him what a good boy he is! The caregivers show Grandma what to do at home to help his legs.

Bong is so happy to show off for Grandma and then he gives her the biggest hug.

A special guest comes to see Bong next. In our first story about Bong, we spoke about his best friend, or rather his girlfriend. She comes to see him next! Before treatment, Bong would look so sad that he couldn’t play with his girlfriend but now he can chase her around. He’s so happy!

Bong is so happy to go home! Grandma gives him his welcome home gift. A new harness! Now that she doesn’t have to cart him around, he gets a new harness to walk beside her!

Bong continues to improve. It’s still too early to neuter him but that’ll be the vet’s next step once Bong’s nerves regenerate a bit more and his muscles get stronger.